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The Fabulously Fast Fat Quarter Fun Subscription Box

The Fabulously Fast Fat Quarter Fun Subscription Box

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Prepare yourself for a monthly dose of pure happiness delivered right to your doorstep – it's like your birthday every month! 🎁 Unwrap the excitement of getting a specially curated Fabulously Fast Fat Quarter Fun Pattern, paired with four perfectly matched Fat Quarters. It's like a mini fabric party picked just for you!

Kerrie from Living in Loveliness has worked her magic to create the Fabulously Fast Fat Quarter Fun Pattern Collection. Starting with easy-peasy patterns, it gradually turns up the heat as your skills sizzle. And guess what? On the twelfth month, get ready for a project so big it comes with its own fanfare!

Now, for the moment of truth – pick your subscription groove:

  • 🌟 Premium (£25 per month): Dive into the latest trend-setting fabrics each month. It's like fashion week for your sewing machine!
  • 🎨 Value (£19.99 per month): Embrace the adventure with our end-of-line fabrics. Who said experimenting can't be fabulous?

But that's not all! Join a community of fellow sewing superstars who share your passion. Get the inside scoop and show off your fantastic creations in our exclusive Facebook group.

Your first box, bursting with creative goodness, will waltz into your life as soon as you subscribe, with the following boxes monthly from then. Get ready to unleash your inner crafting superstar! 🚀🧵

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