Longarm Quilting Service

Here at TheFatQuarter we offer a professional Edge-to-edge Longarm Quilting service.

Edge-to-edge longarm quilting

Edge-to-edge quilting is a fantastic technique for quilting an entire quilt top using a longarm quilting machine. These machines are specially designed to provide greater reach and manoeuvrability compared to traditional home sewing machines.

In edge-to-edge longarm quilting, the idea is to quilt a uniform design (of your choice) across the entire quilt top, from edge to edge, without changing the pattern. It's a convenient and efficient way to achieve a beautifully quilted look for your project.

Edge-to-edge longarm quilting is a popular choice among quilters who want to have their projects quilted with a uniform design. The end result is a stunning quilt with a consistent and eye-catching design all over.


Longarm Stitched Fabric


We will calculate and let you know the final price before we start work on your quilt as our edge-to-edge quilting service price is based on the size of the quilt.  We charge 2.2p per square inch with a minimum charge of £70 and a maximum charge of £235. Please see the example below:

Example: The quilt measures 90 inches by 86 inches

90 x 86 = 8,256 (sq. inch size of quilt)

8,256 x 0.022 = £181.63

Final Price £ 181.63

This table shows some average size quilt prices:

Quilt Size: Cost:
Cot - 40"x 40" £70
Lap 60" x 70" £92.40
Single - 70" x 90" £138.60
Double - 90" x 100" £198
King - 95" x 105" £219.45
Super King - 106" x 110" £235

Prices include quilting and thread but do not include wadding or backing.  Prices are subject to change without notice and are correct as of June 2024.

If you decide you would like us to professionally quilt your quilt top please get in touch with us to make an appointment to book your quilt top in.

Contact details can be found here

The Booking in Appointment

You’ve decided to get you quilt top professionally longarm quilted at TheFatQuarter, so what happens next?

Book an appointment to come and see us. You will need to bring your completed quilt top along. You will also need wadding and backing fabric which you can either purchase in store or bring with you (please note that the backing fabric and wadding must be at least 4 inches wider than the quilt top all the way around the quilt and should NOT be sandwiched together).

At the appointment, we will go through the following:

    1. Check the quilt top over, making notes of any specific observations like loose stitching, difficult-to-stitch areas, loose threads, etc.  There may be a small extra charge for any extra work that needs to be carried out.
    2. Discuss wadding and backing fabric. You can bring your own backing fabric and wadding or purchase in-store. Please note that the backing fabric and wadding must be at least 4 inches wider than the quilt top all the way around the quilt and should NOT be sandwiched together.
    3. We will help you choose a suitable stitch design and thread colours for your quilt.
    4. You will be given the final price and an estimated time frame for completing your quilt.
    5. If you are happy with everything you will be asked to sign the job sheet.

Once your quilt is completed you will get a call to come and collect your quilt which will be ready for trimming and binding.  Final payment is due on collection.

I hope this explanation helps! If you have any more questions, feel free to ask. Happy quilting!

We have some tips to help you prepare your quilt for the Longarm:

  • Press your quilt top and make sure it will lie flat. If it does not lie completely flat your quilt may need folds inserting
  • Square up the quilt top before long-arm quilting.  Your quilt will be quilted as is and if it is not squared off the final quilt will not be square.
  • Make sure all seams are secure. Ideally stay stitch all the way around the quilt.
  • Trim all loose threads from the quilt.
  • Ensure that there are no pins still in the quilt top.
  • Do not add any embellishments to the quilt top before quilting, they will damage the machine.
  • Indicate which side is the top of the quilt and the backing.
  • If you have a pieced backing please be aware that we cannot guarantee to centre any design