Creating a Fabric Shop - Week 4

Creating a Fabric Shop - Week 4

Wow, i cant believe that we are 4 weeks down on this project already.  I must admit some days i have mild panics thinking about how much there is to do!

Before i go any further i need to say a massive thank you to the people that have been volunteering their time and are helping me turn this shop into a reality.  BA and Tracy have been handy with the paint brushes, Cathy has been a trooper getting stuck in with whatever needs doing, from painting to varnishing and cleaning and Roy is my glossing pro! There is a lot of woodwork in the shop and Roy is working his way around it all.

Shop Floor:

The main focus this week has been finishing the dirty work on the shelving.  They have been sanded, stained and varnished to make sure that no colour can work its way onto the beautiful fabric.  Almost all of the walls have been painted now too and don't forget that gloss work.

Shop floor

Shop Floor



Below: For the first time i can see an end in sight for the classroom, the gaps in the carpet have gone and the ceiling is finished.  There is still a lot to do to make it into a lovely creative space but its well on the way and with courses starting in August there is no time to waste!  Take a look at our ever growing course list, maybe there is one that takes your fancy and you can secure your place for a 20% deposit.


Don't forget that we will be opening the doors to the shop on Monday 12th July so things will be moving on quickly now.

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