Why Stashed became The Fat Quarter…

Posted by Janine Rubino on

Back at the beginning of 2019 i made the decision to set up a website to sell fabric, being driven by my love of pattern and my skills in patchwork and quilting.  Since then i have come a long way and learnt a lot about what i want from my business and how i enjoy helping customers, i get so much pleasure in seeing what fabrics people choose and what they design and make.  It is very inspiring!

Alongside me realising that i need more than a purely online business, Stashed very quickly outgrew its website with customers commenting on minor faults (and me finding them too) and to top it off it all ran a little bit slow. So with our new direction we set to work planning for the future…

Our vision was a new faster, easily searchable web site supported with a physical shop where you can see and buy everything that we sell online and also take part in a wide selection of patchwork, quilting and other courses.  It quickly became apparent that we needed a new name, we needed a name that would be clear to our customers saying what we do and fat quarters are “our bread and butter”.

With the launch of our new web site www.thefatquarter.co.uk phase one of our ever expanding business is up and running.  Over the next few months lots more exciting things will be happening which will be announced here soon.

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